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LTC204P front drum rear tire hydraulic drive combined roller

LTC204P front drum rear tire hydraulic drive combined roller

Luoyang Lutong Heavy Industry Machinery CO.,LTD. is located in Luoyang, Henan Province, the birthplace of China's road roller manufacturing, is a professional manufacturer that develops, designs and produces road rollers and motor graders, and a national high-tech enterprise. The company has more than one hundred middle and senior engineers and technicians, and has the ability to develop and develop a series of construction machinery such as road rollers and graders, and has applied for as many as 100 core patents.

LTC204 double steel-wheeled vibratory roller, applicable for maintenance of municipal roads , as well as the compaction of the narrow road surfaces  such as groove foundation, building construction, pipeline backfill and stadium.

Main Characteristic:

1, Hydraulic double wheels drive,Hydraulic double wheels vibration and steering, with reliable performance and optimum function/price ratio.

2,Both front and rear wheels have scraping and water spray unit.

3,Adopt N390 diesel engine, very convenient for use and maintenance.

4, Compact integral structure, small volume, capable of used for compaction on narrow site. 

Optional:removable padfoot,Top-mounted air conditioner.

Our products will continue to improve with the progress of technology, and the differences between the parameters and structural characteristics listed in the sample and the real object shall prevail.

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