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Mini 700kg Hand-pushed road roller

Mini 700kg Hand-pushed road roller

Luoyang Lutong Heavy Industry Machinery CO.,LTD. is located in Luoyang, Henan Province, the birthplace of China's road roller manufacturing, is a professional manufacturer that develops, designs and produces road rollers and motor graders, and a national high-tech enterprise. The company has more than one hundred middle and senior engineers and technicians, and has the ability to develop and develop a series of construction machinery such as road rollers and graders, and has applied for as many as 100 core patents.

LTS06 Hydraulic walking behind vibrating road roller can be used for municipal road construction, highway maintenance, and rolling work at narrow road surface,such as foundation of groove wider than 0.8m, building construction, back filling for pipeline and gymnasium ground.

Main Characteristic:

1:The whole machine has a nice shape, compact structure and small size; it can do rolling work in narrow ground;

2:All wheel drive, strong climbing capability;

3:Using CFI78F vertical direct-spray air-cooled engine, with both electrical and manual start up devices;

4:Designed with guide wheel and joystick, it is labor saving and easy to control.Adopt imported pump and starting motor,CVT.

Main Technical parameters

Model LTC08H

1. Operating mass 770kg

2. Static linear load 62/62N/cm

3. Vibration amplitude 0.25mm

4. Centrifugal force 12Kn

5. Vibration frequency 48Hz

6. Travel speed 0-4Km/h

7. Grade ability 40%

8. Turning radius 2700mm

9. Overall dimension (LxWxH) 2400x880x1100mm

10. Vibration drum diameter 400mm

11. Drum width 600mm

12. Wheel base 470mm

13. Diesel engine power 5.68Kw

14. Diesel engine model CF186F

15. Sprinkler tank capacity 32L

16. Driving pump DANFOSS

17. Driving motor Eton

18. Ship 30units/40HQ

Optional:removable padfoot,Top-mounted air conditioner.

Our products will continue to improve with the progress of technology, and the differences between the parameters and structural characteristics listed in the sample and the real object shall prevail.


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